The Arbor Vitae - Woodruff Education Foundation (AVWEF) is a non-profit organization committed to providing financial support for high-quality and innovative education programs at the Arbor Vitae - Woodruff (AV-W) School.


Created to Preserve Excellence

The AV-W School has a noteworthy history of providing creative and innovative educational opportunities to its students. Many people choose to live in the district because of this. The foundation was formed to ensure students and community members continue to receive the benefits of the school district's commitment to excellence. By soliciting and managing contributions from those who are able to invest more in their school and community, the foundation can offer additional support when traditional funding sources are not enough to maintain and enhance the exceptional educational experience that AV-W has to offer.

A Long-Term Partnership

The foundation is designed to provide on-going support to AV-W School for years to come. It was not created to help fund any single initiative, but to provide a continuous source of alternative income. Donations are carefully managed to build a stable fund that will continue to grow over time, portions of it being used to support the school on an annual basis.


The Arbor Vitae - Woodruff Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a diverse group of community members committed to the success of AV-W's students and the growth of our community. The board provides direction in grant making and leadership in fund-raising. While the foundation works closely with AV-W School leadership, it is independent of the school board and school administration.

The Foundation Supports and is Guided by the AV-W School Mission

The mission of the AV-W School, where commitment to the child is first, is to ensure each student learns, dreams, grows and contributes as a responsible citizen. This is accomplished by providing challenging, diverse educational experiences, utilizing our natural setting and technology, taught by a dedicated staff in partnership with our entire community.